We help you to promote your company or organization on the Internet. We offer basic and custom World Wide Web site packages.

Basic Package

We offer a basic package for only $20 USD per month + VAT. The basic package includes:

  • the design of a web site for your company or organization of 5 graphics and 150 words or less,
  • the translation of the web site to Spanish/English,
  • the hosting of the web site on our World Wide Web site,
  • the registration of the web site in major search engines,
  • your own World Wide Web  address:<your_name>

    You can use this address on your own business cards and other promotional materials.

Banner Package
If your company has a web site all ready, we offer a banner for $20 USD per month + VAT. The banner will be in the NAFTAconnect site. The banner will be promoting your company whenever a visitor searches for a service or products. The banner is linked to your existing site.
Custom Package

If your needs are beyond that of the basic package, we can create and host a custom site for you at a very reasonable price.  Contact us for more details.

See our Frequently Asked Questions for a list of the most common questions asked of us about our services.

A la Carte Services
For each:  
100 words $ 3.00 USD. (monthly)
graphic $ 3.00 USD. (monthly)
textual counter $ 1.50 USD. (monthly)
graphic counter $ 3.00 USD. (monthly) 
interactive form $ 7.50 USD. (monthly) 
to establish a domain $ 100.00 USD. (one time fee)
rent of the domain $ 10.00 USD. (monthly)
How to contact us
NAFTAconnect in Mexico:
Pachuca, Hgo. México
Tel. +52 (771) 713 6300
01 (800) 712 5608
 Only in Mexico.
NAFTAconnect in USA:
Brisbane, California 94005 USA
Tel. 1 (415) 467 0714
Fax: 1 (928) 223 6491
NAFTAconnect in Internet
e-mail: [email protected]
We are also in YAHOO 

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