Frequently Asked Questions

(about our services)


Do I need access to the Internet to have a presence on it? Do I have to own a computer system?

No you do not need access to the Internet. We will do everything needed so that your company or organization can have a presence on the Internet. While it is true that you will have an easier time communicating with Internet visitors if you do have electronic mail, it is not strictly required. We have several small clients that do not even own a computer, much less have Internet access.

Is NAFTAconnect an Internet Access Provider?

No, NAFTAconnect is an Internet Presence Provider. We do everything it takes to put your company or organization on the Internet. We create a web site for you and host them on our servers. Our basic service consisting of 1-5 graphics and 150 words starts at $20/month. We can create more sophisticated web sites for additional charges.

Do you provide an address for my site? What about an electronic mail address?

Yes. As part of our service, you receive an http address for your site on the World Wide Web. Your address will be

Since we are not an internet access provider, we do not provide electronic mail services.

What do you charge to design a web site?

The design of your web site is included in the monthly fee.

How much do you charge to translate my web site?

Nothing, nada. One of our goals for creating NAFTAconnect was to make it accessible to users in all three NAFTA countries. The translation of your page into Spanish is included.

How will Internet users find my web site?

As a customer, you receive an http://www address for your site. You can use this address in your existing marketing and advertising materials.

Furthermore, we register all of the web sites that we create with the major Internet search engines by the keywords and categories you provide to us. Internet users searching for a particular topic will be given a link to your page by the search engine.

Many web sites I visit are slow. How can you keep my web site from being slow?

Many web sites go way overboard with large graphics that take a long time to download. We are very careful about creating efficient pages. For example, if you give us photographs of your products for your web site, we create small thumbnail versions of the photos and allow readers to select a photo of interest in order to see it in its full glory.

Also, many web sites are slow because of slow connections to the Internet.

What kind of connection do your servers have to the Internet?

Our servers, where the web pages that we create for you live, have an excellent connection to the Internet. We have two 45 Megabit per second T3 class connections to MAE-West and to UUNet. T3 connections are 4.5 times the speed of an ethernet.

Can you create links to other people's web sites?

Sure. Give us the http address and we will link your page to it. We do request that you notify us if the linked http address on your site is no longer valid. There is no additional charge for this.

Can readers send electronic mail to me from my web site?

Sure. Give us your electronic mail address and we will create a link that causes the browser to give the reader of your page a window for sending electronic mail to you. There is no additional charge for this.

What about forms?

Forms allow readers of your page to enter structured information, for example requesting your information about your products and services. We can create a form for your site that sends electronic mail to you with the information entered by the reader of your site. For security and data administration reasons, we do not, however, link forms to your databases. Forms will always result in electronic mail being sent to you. There is an additional charge for creating forms.

Can you create image maps for my web site?

Image maps are sophisticated graphics with embedded links in them. Yes, we can create the embedded links in your graphics that show another page, show a graphic, send email, etc. There is no additional charge for creating image maps.

Can you create custom graphics for my web site? What about animated graphics?

Yes to both questions. There are additional charges based on the complexity of the custom graphics you want us to create. (Our basic service assumes that you provide us with all of the graphics for your web site.)

What graphic formats do you accept?

We accept most formats. You can send graphics to us on paper and we will scan them. Or you can send us graphics electronically via electronic mail or on a diskette. We will convert your graphics to the two formats used on the World Wide Web: "gif" for graphics and "jpeg" for photographs. The most important thing is for the graphics you send us to be of high quality. There are no additional charges for scanning or converting your graphics.

What are search engines?

Search engines are popular sites on the Internet where users go to find other sites according to some search criteria. Users enter a keyword or phrase and the engines present the user with links that match. From there, the user can easily visit the matching sites by clicking on the link.

In which search engines will my site appear?

We will register your site in 12 search engines but unfortunately that does not necessarily guarantee that it will appear. Each search engine has control over the links it accepts.

In which search engines will you register my site?

Alta Vista
Excite (only for Mexican hotels)
Mexico Web Guide

How do search engines work?

Search engines are all different. Some index the entire site based on the site's content. Others work by keywords, titles and descriptions. We register your site according to the information you provide.

Can I register my site in search engines myself?

Of course, and we highly recommend that you do. While we are happy to register your site in the above search engines, you know your site and your market much better than we do.

Where are you located?

We are actually two cooperative companies, one in Pachuca, Mexico and one in California, USA. Both companies provide exactly the same services in Cyberspace. In USA and Canada, we can be reached at 1-415-467-0714. In Mexico, we can be reached at (771) 713-6300 or 01-800-712-5608. By electronic mail, we can be reached at [email protected] .

My question is not on your list. How can I get my question answered?

Send us electronic mail at [email protected] or give us a phone call at 1-415-467-0714 in USA and Canada or (771) 713-6300 and 01-800-712-5608 in Mexico.

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