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Ministry of Ecomomy
An office of the Federal Government which promotes companies' competitiveness and economic growth. There are branch offices in Mexico City and within Mexico, as well as abroad.
Mexico Stock Exchange
World Stock Markets
Embassy of Mexico in Canada
Embassy of Mexico in U.S.A.
Embassy of Mexico in London
Services, upcoming events, NAFTA, press releases and daily news.
NAFTA Customs web site
NAFTA Secretariat
The materials on this site are made available solely to facilitate the study of public documents received by the NAFTA Secretariat. While they are believed to be accurate and complete, the NAFTA Secretariat assumes no responsability for their content.
The Trade and NAFTA office is the representative office of Mexico´s Ministry of the Economy (Secretaría de Economía), at the Embassy of Mexico, in Washington, D.C. Our mission is to:
-Promote exports and foreign investment in Mexico
-Assist companies conduct business in Mexico
-Monitor Mexico-U.S. trade relations


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